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Disney Princess

I suppose a fair compromise would be to go ahead with the celebration but hold back on the sparklers and pink frosted cake.

A pseudo-celebration, of sorts.

See, I’m over the moon about the muckety mucks at Disney finally creating a Black princess! Sure, it may seem silly for a grown woman to spontaneously spin cartwheels in high heels over a cartoon character. But this is huge! This is the type of thing us little folks—the real people—rely on for tracking our actual progress. We’ve learned not to include the impotent and poorly-negotiated “firsts” like Janice Rogers Brown and Condoleeza Rice in our headcount. They don’t speak for us, the little people. Our hope, instead, is embedded in the organic superstardom of gay talk show hosts, plus-sized super models, Hispanic cabinet members, Olympic amputees and sexy senior citizens.

A Black Disney princess is, indeed, worthy of adult cartwheels.

The first Disney princess, Snow White, debuted in 1937. There were four more regal teens (A…