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Virgin Blog

Okay. I was the one who didn't think email would ever catch on; I only have the second generation of Palm Pilots (should I even have that?); I have less than a year under my belt with this text messaging thing; I tried really hard to justify getting the camera phone, but couldn't; and I flat out don't get the point of instant messaging (rings like microwaveable Minute Rice, to me).

But here I am. Very much by accident, I called myself "passing through" someone else's blog. Silly me. Oz has spoken many megahertz ago: No one shall pass through anything w/o leaving behind a password or some other promise for future visits.

So here I am.

Not sure what I'll say on this thing, but, hey, I have a password and a few thoughts rattling around ...

... is this thing on ...?

Here I am.